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Windows Tablet Price Cuts Incoming for Acer and ASUS

Acer Iconia W3 Windows 8 Tablet

If you live in Taiwan and are looking to pick up a new Windows 8 tablet, get ready for a Windows Tablet price cuts. Asus and Acer are slashing prices on a couple of their Windows 8 tablets including the Acer Iconia W3.

The price cuts come as new Windows tablets are getting ready to launch, and the 8-inch Acer Iconia W3 appears to be first on the chopping block. According to DigiTime, Iconia W3 drop to around $338 as rumors around the web expect the W4 to be announced sooner than later. In case you’re curious, the W3 clocks in at 1.5GHz (Atom Z2760) and has 2GB of RAM. With ASUS, the likely candidate is the 10.1-inch Vivo Tab ME400C which is expected to fall to around $475 as ASUS rolls out a new tablet later this month.

Price cuts are a common occurrence these days whenever a new product is set to be released, and there will be no shortage of Windows 8 tablets to choose from this holiday season. As new devices start to roll out, you can expect to see more Windows Tablet price cuts from ASUS and Acer to be the first of many we’ll see before 2014 rolls around.

Via – DigiTimes

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