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What is Microsoft Surface?

Microsoft Surface Price

What is Microsoft Surface?

Meet Microsoft Surface. MS Surface is a new Tablet PC that will be manufactured and sold by Microsoft. Unlike most PC Tablets, MS Surface will be able to run a full fledged, desktop operating system.  Thus, it promises to provide desktop computing on the go, without compromises in terms of usability or performance.

Microsoft Surface will ship in two different flavors.  One version will runs Windows RT, an ARM processor based operating system that should support the same caliber of apps that runs on cell phones and other tablets.  The other version of MS Surface will run Windows 8 Pro, which is the same operating system that runs on desktop PCs.  MS Surface RT will compete directly with other tablet devices such as the iPad and Android Tablets.  I suspect that MS Surface Pro will compete with Ultrabooks and other higher-end computing devices.

MS Surface Features and Highlights

Below are some of the features and highlights of the Microsoft Surface Tablets:

  • Windows 8 Compatibility: One great feature of the MS Surface Pro is its ability to run the full version of Windows 8 Pro.  Thus, the MS Surface Pro will be able to (in theory, anyway) run all of the applications you use on your desktop.  This includes full versions of Microsoft Office and possibly full versions of Adobe Photoshop.  This capability would definitely give the MS Surface a big advantage over the iPad and Android Tablets.  In contrast, the RT version of the Surface will run Metro apps.  It remains to be seen how will these apps will compare to iPad apps or Android apps.
  • Integrated Kickstand: The MS Surface comes with an integrated kickstand.  It can be easily deployed or put away and doesn’t add any eight or extra thickness to the device.  The kick stand will come in handy when you want to watch a video on the deice without holding it.
  • Touch Cover: Another neat feature, perhaps the coolest of them all, is the magnetic cover that doubles as a keyboard with multi-touch trackpad!  It’s one of the most ingenious tech devices I’ve ever seen! No longer will you have to decide whether or not to take a bulky external keyboard along with you.  The touch cover is likely to go everywhere the MS Surface goes.

what is microsoft surface

Microsoft Surface Release Date and Availability

The Windows RT version of the Surface Tablet will be released around October 2012.  It will be released along side of Windows 8.  Surface Pro will be released 90 days later.  Both devices will be sold in Microsoft Store locations in the US.  Microsoft Surface Tablets will also be available at select online Microsoft Stores.

Microsoft Surface Price Details

There are no pricing details for the Surface tablets as of this writing.  I do estimate that the pro version will be expensive- more than what most consumers will be willing to pay.  I also believe the Surface RT version will sell for about the same amount as the cheapest iPad.  Hopefully the Windows RT apps will be as compelling as iPad apps and Android apps.

For more information on Microsoft Surface, check out Surface.com.

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