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See Tech Blog TV’s top video game tips for your XBOX 360, XBOX One, PS3, and PS4. Tips include Call of Duty Tips, Battlefield tips, Madden football tips, and more. 

Solved: PS4 Blue Light of Death Fix – Playstation 4 – Video Games

PS4 Blue Light of Death Fix - PS4 BLoD - Playstation 4

Suffering from the PS4 Blue Light of Death? My friend encountered the blue light special and it appears that I have fixed it. The fix doesn't require checking or swapping cables. The fix doesn't require doing anything with the hard drive. I was basically able to fix the PS4 Blue Light of Death in a couple minutes. Check out the solution after the break.

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PS4 Blue Light of Death Not Fixed – What do I do Now? – PS4 BLOD

Playstation 4 - PS4 Blue Light of Death Fix Replacement

Are you experiencing the PlayStation 4 Blue Light of Death?  Did you already try my “PS4 Blue Light of Death Fix” and it not work for you?  Still searching for that elusive white light? Have you had to perform the ...

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