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Toshiba drops Windows RT Tablets in favor of Windows 8 Tablets


On August 14th Toshiba confirmed that it will not introduce a Windows RT tablet due to a delay in acquiring all required components. In a statement provided to CNET, “Toshiba has decided not to introduce Windows RT models due to delayed components that would make a timely launch impossible”. While Toshiba will continue to look into the possibility of launching Windows RT devices in the future, for the time being, Toshiba said it will focus on bringing Windows 8 tablets to the market.

It is believed that the “delayed components” refers to the Texas Instrument processor that Toshiba was going to use to release its Windows RT tablets; however, Toshiba did not confirm this to industry experts. When asked for specifics, Toshiba stated that, for confidentiality reasons, it does not share component information.

Toshiba’s decision to forgo releasing Windows RT tablets follows Hewlett-Packard’s announcement earlier this summer that it would drop out the Qualcomm based RT tablets. HP will instead still support Intel based Windows 8 tablets which will be rolled out in early 2013.

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