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Top Windows RT Apps list for new Microsoft Surface Owners

While the number of available Windows RT apps is small compared to other platforms, many apps are being added all the time. They are already many big name apps available on the platform, including Netflix, Skype, and Angry Birds. Many apps are being added to the Windows Store everyday. Want to install some great apps on your Microsoft Surface RT or other Windows RT Tablet? For your convenience, I have compiled a list of my top Windows RT apps for new tablet owners. I think all Windows RT users should have these apps in their software library. Check out the list of apps below:

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Top Windows RT Apps for new Microsoft Surface Owners

netflix windows rt app 290 Netflix (Free): Sure to make every top Windows RT Apps list, Netflix is an obvious choice for everyone that has a Netflix subscription. Netflix has a large library of movies, TV shows and more that can be viewed on your Windows table. While the subscription incurs a monthly fee, this app is totally free.
iheartradio 290 iHeartRadio (Free): iHeartRadio is a free radio app that features more than 1,500 live radio stations. The app also allows you to create commercial free music stations based on the artists you select. One feature I like is that it can show radio stations that are near me, which means I don’t have to search for them myself.
youtube plus Youtube+ (Paid): If you use Youtube a lot (or at all!), this is a must have Windows RT app. It has a great interface for browsing and finding videos. On the down side, the app will cost you a couple of bucks. It’s worth it though.
skype windows rt app 290 Skype (Free): Skype is a nice video chat tool and a staple of any good apps list. On your Windows RT device, Skype is always on so you can always receive calls and instant messages. Use it to stay connected to family and friends from around the world for free.
allrecipies 290 Allrecipes Video Cookbook (Free): I’ve been a user of Allrecipes.com for years and was thrilled to discover there was a Windows RT app available. Recipes are well organized and easy to find. The app provides tons of recipes that are accompanied by videos. Please note that an internet connection is required to use this app.
fresh paint 290 Fresh Paint (Free): Fresh Paint is a great app for embracing your artistic side. It’s a paint program that allows you to create your own personal works of art using the touch screen and/or a track pad (if you have a keyboard). While the app is free to install and use, beware of the fee based add-ons.
jetpack joyride windows rt Jetpack Joyride (Free): In this game your character uses a jetpack to fly through a maze of obstacles, while collecting coins, upgraded vehicles, and powerups. This game is easy to learn, fun to play, and a bit addictive. Best of all, it’s free!
remote access 290 Remote Desktop (Free): Want the power of your desktop while using your Windows RT tablet? Use the Remote Desktop app to remotely control your PC and use applications that are not available for Windows RT. This app is great for when you want to access you desktop from anywhere in the house.
google search 290 Google Search (Free): If you like Google search and Google apps, be sure to install the Google Search app for Windows RT. Features include the standard search box, voice search which works great, image search, instant preview mode, and a Google Apps page.

Your Favorite Apps?

What are your favorite Windows RT apps? Do you have a good Windows RT apps list you would like to share? Please share them in the comments section below.

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  1. I cannot find netflix in the Windows store on my surface tablet. What do I do?

  2. Is there a alternative app for Microsoft publisher?

  3. as someone who’s considering buying a surface RT, this really REALLY puts me off.. scares the shyte out of me actually. I can’t even find out what’s available for the product before I buy it? is this thing marketed by the same team that launched the new x-box?

  4. I have windows RT and can’t play angry birds….the original…..that’s sad considering the original angry birds is huge

  5. Is there a conspiracy against Australian users? I search for Netflix and get no such app. Just a list of 16 pieces of junk. Similar with lots of other apps that people tell me exist but I can’t see them! The search and display options within the store are very poor.

    • Yeah it’s unfortunate, but Netflix isn’t available in Australia at all, and they say not anytime soon. Apparently they’re having licensing issues with migrating the movie library over here.

  6. If I DON’T have a Windows RT device, and therefore cannot browse the Windows Marketplace. Where would I find a list of ALL the available Win RT apps? For example I can go to windowsphone.com and search for WP apps. If I am considering ditching my iOS tablet for a Microsoft based device, how can I make an informed decision if I can’t even tell what apps are available for the Surface RT? 

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