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The Motley Fool: Windows RT Needs to Die (Video)

In a video titled, “Windows RT Needs to Die“, Motley Fool contributor Steve Heller explains why the Windows RT platform needs to be abandoned and why Microsoft should focus on Windows 8 Tablets instead.  He points to low sales of Windows RT devices, the confusion the confusion these devices create in the market place, and upcoming Intel hardware that will allow Windows 8 Tablets to compete directly with Windows RT devices.  I tend to agree with Steve. I generally recommend a low end Windows 8 Tablet over any Windows RT device due to the compatibility with legacy Windows Applications.  I feel that OEMs will figure out how to make Windows 8 Tablets that will compete with the iPad and top Google Android Tablets in terms of both price and in performance.  Once that happens, Windows RT will surely die.

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Do you think Microsoft should abandon the Windows RT platform?  Or do you think Windows RT has it’s place in an ever growing tablet PC market?  Share your thought’s in the comments section below.


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