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Samsung Galaxy Note Pros and Cons (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Samsung Galaxy Note

The Samsung Galaxy Note is scheduled to go on sale in the US on February 19th, 2012 at AT&T Wireless.  Thinking about buying the Galaxy Note?  Are you ready to own the biggest phone on the planet?  Before you purchase this phone slash tablet (i.e. phablet), read this article about the Samsung Galaxy Note Pros and Cons.

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I have already been using the Galaxy Note for a couple of months.  I purchased a German import Galaxy Note from Amazon and I have it connected to AT&T.  While I personally think the Galaxy Note is the best phone I’ve ever owned, I don’t think this phone is for everyone.  Below are my advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy Note:

Pros of the Samsung Galaxy Note

Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy Note include:

  • Its large screen makes it a virtual tablet replacement.  It’s great for web browsing on the go.  The Galaxy Note also makes for a great e-book reader.
  • The display is beautiful and bright.  I enjoy watching movies on this device as well as Youtube videos.
  • The extra screen real estate makes typing on the device a breeze.  I can type in either portrait or landscape.
  • The phone performs extremely well.  This phone is not only fast but its big battery lasts all day into the next day.
  • It includes an S-pen which can be used for hand written notes and for drawing.
  • I find the camera works pretty well.  I am pretty impressed with its photo and video recording capabilities.
  • Unlike the iPad, any Android Tablet, Kindle Fire, or any other tech gadget you have, the Galaxy Note goes everywhere you go.  Since it’s your phone, you are more likely not to leave it at home.

Cons of the Samsung Galaxy Note

Disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy Note include:

  • Some will find that the Galaxy Note is not pocket-able.  I purchased a case from eBay but I don’t use it since it takes too much effort to pull the device out of it.
  • Using the device with one hand will be tough for many.  I can do it easily so it’s definitely possible.
  • It doesn’t have a notification LED.  After owning Blackberries for years, this is one (missing) feature that I always look for.
  • Like all Android devices, you won’t get an iTunes-like experience when you connect your Galaxy Note to your desktop.
  • While you might not mind having a big phone, you may receive unfriendly comments from friends, family, coworkers, clients, or passers-by.  Just this past weekend I heard someone saying from a distance, “Look at his phone.  It’s ginormous * laughing *“.  This can be a big problem if you need to be image conscious.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Note be a Success?

I think the Galaxy Note will be a huge success for Samsung.  Samsung has already sold one million Galaxy Notes worldwide, all without yet being sold by a US carrier.  Once the devise starts being sold by the likes of Verizon or Sprint, I think the Galaxy Note will sell like hot cakes.

Is it a phone for everybody?  Not yet.  I think gadget freaks like myself will immediately embrace the device.  However, I think these smartphone/tablet devices (i.e. Phablets) will take a while to grow on the masses.  I admit that I often feel funny holding such a big phone up to my ear when on a call.  Luckily for me most of my peeps are either gadget freaks themselves or they understand that I must have the biggest and best smartphone available.  The Galaxy Note is indeed the best, and it is indeed the biggest!

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  1. The phone looks fat due to its large width.

  2. Paul Anthony Samuelson

    It’s really a great smartphone which can be attracted anyone. I also wanted to get the Samsung GT N7000.

  3. Samsung still lacks in build quality, even super-modern phones looks like plastic box.

  4. i still want it

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