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Samsung Announces the Ativ Smart PC, Smart PC Pro Windows 8 Tablets


Samsung announced a pair of Windows 8 Tablets called the Ativ Smart PC and Ativ Smart PC Pro.  These devices will compete with Microsoft’s own line of Microsoft Surface Windows Tablets.

The Ativ Smart PC will make use of an Intel Atom processor.  This should help make the device cheaper than the Pro version.  It should also make the Ativ Smart PC last long on a battery charge.  This device will feature 128GBs of flash storage, 2GBs of ram, a USB port, 9.9mm thinness, an 11.6 inch screen, 1366×768 resolution, and over 13 hours of battery life.  Other specs include miniSD and microHDMI ports, an 8 megapixel rear camera, and 2 megapixel front facing camera.

Its use of the Intel Atom processor should allow the Ativ Smart PC to be priced comparably with the iPad.  The fact that the device will run the desktop version of Windows 8 and not Windows RT should give it a great advantage over devices that run only “tablet apps”.

The Ativ Smart PC Pro uses the Intel Core i5 processor, the same processor type that can be found in desktops and laptops.  Thus, the Pro version of the Ativ Smart PC will perform better than the non-pro version.  The inclusion of the pricier CPU will however mean that the Ativ Smart PC Pro will cost several hundred dollars more than the non-pro version.

Tech specs for the Ativ Smart PC Pro include a 256GB SSD drive, 4GB of ram, a USB 3.0 port, 11.9 thickness, an 11.6 screen with full HD 1980×1020 resolution, and 8 hours of battery life.  The Ativ Smart PC Pro also includes miniSD and microHDMI ports, a 5 megapixel rear camera and a 2 megapixel front facing camera.

As mentioned, the Ativ Smart PC and the Ativ Smart PC Pro will both run Windows 8.  This should make these devices more appealing than the Windows Tablets that run Windows RT as they will allow you to run all of the same apps you currently use.  Price and availability of these Samsung Windows 8 tablets have not been released just yet.  Tech Blog TV will release those details as soon as they become available.

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  1. Hi there Quentin, thanks for the info, I am still planning to get windows 8.1 tablet. is there a tablet that I can expand the storage?…replaceable battery…whats the significant difference between the core i5 processor and atom processor, is it like superjet(i5) and Turtle(atom) like?…

    • Hi Edj. Many tablets have an SD card slot for expanding storage. Since the operating system consumes a lot of the storage space, consider getting a tablet with at least 64GB of storage, 128GB if you can afford it.

      Regarding atom vs core, atom is fine if you plan to mostly surf the web, check email, etc. If you plan to use desktop apps more than occasionally, go for an Intel core based tablet. If you have the money, get both. 🙂

  2. Quentin, Thank you for the chart! Very helpful and I will keep your blog as a reference. I purchased the ATIV Smart tablet about 4 months ago from Staples (on sale 499.) and really have been pleased with it. Although I should add that I haven’t installed office or used it much with business. I recently purchased the keyboard dock, so may give it a try. It’s my first tablet and have been very satisfied with the performance, look and feel. The only con I have is the very few aftermarket options to fit an 11.6 inch tablet – still searching for a case.

    • Go to Google and search out a case for the ATIV. I got two actually….one for just the tablet and one for the table and keyboard combined. I ordered them online. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a true leather one yet. The cases are great and fold back so that the tablet can stand on its own. Check out Google!!

  3. I think the Samsung Tablet will be my choice.  I already have a Samsung TV and a Samsung Galaxy S III. 🙂

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