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Check out Tech Blog TV’s coverage of the top pros and cons of your favorite tech gadgets, including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, and more.

iPhone 6 Plus Pros and Cons Review – Best Smartphones

iPhone 6 Plus Pros and Cons Advantages and Disadvantages

Last week Apple released two new smartphones, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.  This release marked the first time Apple released a phone with a screen size over five inches. While many people have longed for a large iPhone, ...

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Microsoft Surface Pros and Cons Review (Video) – Windows Tablets

Microsoft Surface Pro Review - Windows Surface Review

Planning to buy the Microsoft Surface Tablet? This next generation Windows Tablet definitely has some great features. It also has some potential issues to consider. Before you go to your local Microsoft Store to purchase the device, considering reading this article about the Microsoft Surface Pros and Cons.

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Acer Iconia W3 Pros and Cons

Since the Acer Iconia W3 tablet was released last week, it has seen its share of mixed reviews. While I do recommend the W3, just like most first gen Windows Tablets, it has compelling features as well as some unfortunate shortcomings. In this article, I review some of the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of the Acer Iconia W3 Windows 8 tablet.

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Acer Aspire P3 Price, Specs, Release Date, Pros & Cons Review (Video)

Acer is releasing a follow up to its highly regarded first Windows 8 Tablet, the Acer Iconia W700. The new device is called the Acer Aspire P3. It's a 11.6 inch Windows 8 Tablet that comes bundled with a Bluetooth keyboard. In this article, we review the Acer Aspire P3 technical specifications, our initial impressions, and how the P3 stacks up versus the competition.

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Vizio Windows 8 Tablet Price, Specs, Pros and Cons Review (Video)

Vizio MT11X-A1 Windows 8 Tablet Price Specs Release Date

Vizio has just released its first Windows 8 tablet. The MT11X-A1, also known as the Vizio 11.6" Windows 8 Tablet PC (a.k.a. the tablet without a name!) is now shipping and retails for $599.99. You can order it from the Vizio store. Should you order it? See below a review of the Vizio Tablet's features, specs, and my buyers advice.

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Razer Edge Pros and Cons Review – Windows Tablets (Video)

Razer Edge Pros and Cons Review Windows Tablets Video

Razer brought Project Fiona to the gaming community a year ago, asking for advice on how to make their new gaming tablet great. Almost two years later Razer has finally unveiled the tablet, and now, instead of Project Fiona, Razer ...

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Pros and Cons Review

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s flagship mobile device for this year and it comes packed with all the top-tier features you would expect the South Korean electronics giant to put in. With all the really excellent Android and Windows ...

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BlackBerry Z10 Pros and Cons Review

BlackBerry Z10 pros and cons

BlackBerry has had a rough few years, with the lackluster mobile and tablet line and major delays to their new operating system, they have had to laid off thousands of workers and stock price has fallen from a respectable $65 ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note Pros and Cons (Advantages and Disadvantages)

The Samsung Galaxy Note is scheduled to go on sale in the US on February 19th, 2012 at AT&T Wireless.  Thinking about buying the Galaxy Note?  Are you ready to own the biggest phone on the planet?  Before you purchase ...

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