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New Microsoft Stores Coming Soon

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New Microsoft Stores Coming Soon

When Microsoft announced its new Windows 8 Tablet, the Microsoft Surface, they also announced that these devices would only be sold from Microsoft Stores.  The obvious problem with this announcement was that there weren’t many Microsoft stores.  Well, Microsoft is planning to address this fact.  The company is planning to open several stores in cities across the US and at least one in Canada.  If you are not close to one of these store locations, you can still order a Microsoft Surface online when they become available.  See the current list of Microsoft Store locations after the break.

Where to find Microsoft Stores in the US and Canada

As of this writing, there are currently 21 Microsoft Stores and another 10 stores are planned.  Here are the stores:

For an updated list of Microsoft Store locations, click here.

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  1. Don’t like the overall store design and layout. Individual pieces are well done.
    But ones you cram everything in a room. It just gets distracting.

  2. We hope to see more Microsoft Stores open in the near future!

  3. I was wondering what all the security was about…now I know!

  4. I was at the Pentagon Grand opener.  It was bananas!

  5. SC SC SC SC

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