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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview Video, Release Date

Microsoft posted a video previewing the upcoming features of the Windows 8.1 update.  In the video, Jensen Harris of the Windows User Experience team demos some of the niffy new “features” of the OS.  Maybe it’s just me but I fell like many of these “new features” are actually things that should have been in the OS when it shipped.  Visible, but not mentioned in the demo is the most lacking feature of the original Windows 8, the Start Menu button.  Don’t fret, however.  There are many, kind souls on YouTube that are only too happy to remind Microsoft that most users want the old Start Menu back.

The release date for the Microsoft Windows 8.1 Preview is June 26st.  Note that in order to upgrade from Windows 81. Preview to Windows 8 when it comes out, you will have to reinstall your apps.  Hopefully someone will come up with a work around or at lease a quick method for restoring apps.

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