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Microsoft Surface Release Date

Microsoft Surface Release Date

Microsoft Surface Release Date

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When will Microsoft’s newly developed Windows Tablets begin shipping?  Microsoft has yet to announce an official release date.  However, the current thought is that the Microsoft Surface release date will be on or after the release date of Windows 8.  Since we now know that Windows 8 will be released on October 26th, 2012, we can probably expect the Microsoft Surface to start shipping at the same time.  I can’t image that the MS Surface would have a release date beyond the Windows 8 Launch.  Ideally, the new Windows Tablets will ship well in advance of the holiday shopping season.

Only Windows RT Tablets available at Launch

As you may know, the Microsoft Surface Tablet will come in two configurations.  Microsoft Surface for Windows RT will be an ARM processor based tablet and will run a scaled down version of Windows.  Microsoft Surface for Windows 8 Pro will utilize an Intel processor and will run the desktop version of Windows 8 Pro and all compatible applications.  Only the Windows RT version of the MS Surface will be available at launch.  Officially, only Microsoft, Asus, and Samsung have announced that their devices will be available at launch.  Lenovo and Toshiba are also expected to release Windows RT tables.  Hopefully they will announce their devices soon. The Windows 8 Pro version of the MS Surface will ship 90 days later.  Click here to see the tech specs for each device.

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