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Microsoft Surface Release Date is 10/26/2012

Microsoft Surface Release Date is Official

Microsoft Surface Release Date is Officially 10/26/2012

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Just as we new it would be, the Microsoft Surface Release Date will coincide with the release date of Windows 8.  The new Windows tablet will go on sale on October 26th, 2012.  This means the device will be available ahead of the holiday shopping season.  According to CNET, Microsoft stated the following in its annual report, filed with the SEC this week:

[quote]The next version of our operating system, Windows 8, will be generally available on October 26, 2012. At that time, we will begin selling the Surface, a series of Microsoft-designed and manufactured hardware devices…[/quote]

We here at WindowsTablet.TV are excited about the news and will be ordering the Windows RT version of Microsoft Surface as soon as it’s available for ordering.  Per Microsoft, the Pro version of the Surface will ship 90 days later.  We will be ordering the Surface Pro as well. As you may know, the Pro version of the Microsoft Surface Tablet supports the full version of Windows 8 Pro.  The RT version can only run “Metro Apps”, which should be comparable to apps we see available for the iPad and Android Tablets.  See our article on the Microsoft Surface specs to see other differences between the two devices.

Microsoft Surface Price Update?

While an official release date is great, Microsoft is still holding out on us in regard to pricing.  As we previously mentioned, we estimate the Microsoft Surface for Windows RT to be priced near the iPad.  It almost has to come in at that price to be competitive.  We believe the Microsoft Surface Pro will be $800 to $1000, about the price of an Ultrabook.  If the Microsoft Surface price is any higher than these numbers, we feel that the product would be dead on arrival.  Let us hope that Microsoft releases two compelling devices at a compelling prices!


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  3. I can’t wait until October.  I need the surface now!

  4. I can’t wait until October!  I want a Surface tablet now!

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