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Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Battery Life, Power Cover Keyboard Case

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Battery Life Power Cover Keyboard Case

One of the biggest drawbacks to the first Microsoft Surface Pro was the poor battery life.  I personally have been spoiled by the long battery life and standby time of my iPad.  Thankfully, Microsoft listened to the critics.  They improved the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 battery life to an estimated 75% bump over its predecessor!

Why is the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Battery Life Important?

Battery life is everything for a tablet.  Tablets are meant to be mobile, not tethered to a desk and power outlet.  When the first Microsoft Surface Pro was released, it could only muster 4-5 hours of battery life (maybe).  Short battery life means that I can’t stray too far away from a power source.  If I have to be stationary to use a mobile device, I might as well use a stationary device such as a computer instead.

It’s not like long battery life was impossible for Intel Core based, Windows 8 Tablets.  My Acer Iconia W700 got seven hours of battery life without breaking a sweat.

So I’m happy to see that the Surface Pro 2 should excel where the previous generation Surface Pro failed.  This version of the Surface Pro appears to be a tablet that I can actually own and use.  I can’t wait to get my hands on it for some real world testing.  Look for a review, as well as some extensive batter life testing once I receive the device.

Microsoft Surface Power Cover Keyboard Case

While a 75% bump in battery life is great news, I was super excited to hear about the new Microsoft Surface Power Cover.  Microsoft estimates that it will extend the Microsoft Surface battery life by 50%!  This means we can expect to get well over 10 hours of battery life.  On the downside, it doesn’t look like the Power Cover will be available at the time of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 launch.  I’ve seen a couple sources report that it won’t be available until next year.  Hopefully we can get our hands on it much sooner.

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