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Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2’s Better Than Predecessors, Except for Windows 8.1

Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Windows 8 Tablet

Now that this year’s tablet race is officially underway, Microsoft showed their hand for this year’s line of revamped Microsoft Surface 2 and Microsoft Surface 2 Pro Windows tablets.

Both devices looks and feel nearly identical to their predecessors, though the magic Microsoft is relying on here comes in the internal hardware upgrades. Where the Microsoft Surface may have struggled before to run heftier apps, the Surface 2 is clearly up for the task, boasting a new NVIDA Tegra 4 chipset, with 2GB of RAM. That in addition to a screen size of 1080p x 768p and increased color accuracy, improved sound quality thanks to Dolby Digital sound, and an improved battery life. The Surface 2 will start at $499 retail.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is where Microsoft’s bread and butter truly lies, in that it features a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 chip, plus a choice of RAM/storage configurations. As mentioned by TechCrunch, the priciest model tops out with 8GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD, and will set you back anywhere between $899 and $1,799 depending on your configuration preferences. Be wary though, while the device is advertised as getting “60 to 75 percent more battery life” thank the original Surface, that still equates to a dismal 6-8 hours of heavy use, which is better when compared to the battery life of the original, but still laughable when considering the device in question is labeled as “Pro.”

The true downfall of the new Microsoft Surface 2 and Microsoft Surface Pro 2 tablets might not be in their hardware, but in the fact that they are Windows 8.1 powered. While more and more apps are being made available for Windows mobile devices, nearing 100,000 to be specific, that is just about 10 percent of the amount of apps available in Apple’s app store. That number alone should tell where developers think the app goldmine currently presides, and it isn’t with Windows 8.1.  Hopefully the next generation of Windows 8 Tablets will see greater developer support.

Matt Akin contributed to this post.

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