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Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Surface & other Windows 8 Tablets


If you purchased the Microsoft Surface, you probably also purchased the innovative Touch Cover (or Type Cover) accessory. Always having a physical keyboard available really enhances the tablet’s ability to be a true productivity tool and possibly a laptop replacement (maybe). Fortunately for use Microsoft Surface keyboard cover owners, Windows RT includes a variety of keyboard shortcuts that add even more functionality to the keyboards. Below is a list of the Windows RT keyboard shortcuts.

Windows RT Keyboard Shortcuts

Start Button: Start Screen
Start + B: Go to Desktop
Start + C: Open charms
Start + D: Show Desktop
Start + E: Open Windows Explorer on Desktop
Start + F: Search files
Start + H: Open Sharing
Start + I: Open Settings
Start + J: Switch focus to/from snapped windows
Start + K: Open Devices
Start + L: Lock Screen/Switch Users
Start + M: Minimize everything on the Desktop
Start + O: Lock Screen Orientation
Start + P: Open Second Screen utility
Start + Q: Search Apps
Start + R: Open Run Menu on the Desktop
Start + T: Open Task Bar in Desktop
Start + U: Open Ease of Access Center on the Desktop
Start + V: Cycle Notifications
Start + Shift + V: Cycle Notifications (reverse)
Start + W: Search Settings
Start + X: Open System Utility menu
Start + Z: Open App bar
Start + ,: Peek at Desktop
Start + .: Snap Metro App Windows Toggle
Start + Shirt + .: Snap Metro App Windows Toggle (reverse)
Start + Enter: Narrator Settings
Start + Tab: Cycle Metro Apps

Do you have any more Windows RT keyboard shortcuts or Windows RT tips to share? Post them in the comments section below. Also see more Windows RT Tips.

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