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Is the iPad 3 Flash Compatible?


With the release of the New iPad (“iPad 3”), many people would like to know when the iPad will finally get its most significant missing feature, Adobe Flash support. Well my fellow Tech Gurus, prepare to continue to wait a while…


Is the iPad 3 Flash Compatible?

My fellow Tech Gurus, I regret to report that the iPad still does not officially support Adobe Flash.  Sure , there are some apps and hacks available that provide some flash capability on your iPad or iPhone.  None of them are close to having the real thing.

I heard that Adobe released a flash plugin for the iPad.  Where can I download this iPad 3 Adobe Flash Plugin?

Adobe offers a server based solution called Adobe Access which allows content providers to serve up flash based content to iPads and other iOS devices.  This software will not enable flash support on iPads.

Why hasn’t Apple made iPad flash support possible?

From Adobe’s perspective, Apple doesn’t allow the iPad, iPhone, and iPod to support Flash because Apple wants to protect their content revenue.  If flash was available on iOS devices, developers could create flash based applications without using Apple’s App Store.  From a business perspective, this sounds like a very legitimate reason to block flash support.  Think of all of the money Apple would lose if developers could by-pass the Apps Store and the fees Apple charges developers.

Apple claims that it doesn’t support Adobe Flash because it’s buggy, it’s a resource hog, it has security issues, and it doesn’t support a touch interface.  These would appear to be legitimate reasons as well, however, Apple has no issue with supporting Adobe Flash on its Mac computers.  Certainly Apple and Adobe could work together to resolve these issues… if Apple wanted to.

Will an iPad 3 flash player ever become available?

My guess is that flash will never be supported on the iPad, iPhone, or iPod.  Giving developers a path to by-pass selling their apps in the Apps Store would costs Apple millions.  And with many content providers switching from flash to the less capable HTML5, there’s really no reason why Apple would change it’s stance on Abode Flash support for the iPad and other iOS devices.

With this said, we may see an unofficial iPad3 flash player become available.  Let’s hope that the jailbreak community comes up with something that is close to the real thing.

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  1. i hope so

  2. Danielle Abernethy

    There is an educational Flash Player – Rover. 

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