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Intel Bay Trail Tablets set for the 2013 Holidays (Video)

With many of the initial batch of Windows 8 Tablets approaching and exceeding $1,000,  the chances of Microsoft gaining market share in the tablet space seemed slim.  Fast forward a few months later and there are many Windows 8 tablets being offered at under $500.  Among these upcoming tablets are the Intel Bay Trail tablets.  These quad core Atom tablets are expected to ship this holiday season with prices starting at $399.

In the video above, Mobile Geeks go hands-on with several Bay Trail devices.  One disappointing thing to note, apparently these devices will get only six hours of battery life.  Like Mobile Geeks, I hope that this doesn’t turn out to be the case.  In order for the platform to succeed, there must be compelling sub-$500 Windows 8 tablets that can compete with the likes of Apple iPad and top Android Tablets.

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