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HP Stream 7: First Windows 8 Tablet with 7 inch Display

While the IFA 2014 consumer electronics trade show doesn’t start until tomorrow, we are already hearing about some of the products that will be announced this week.

Among them is the HP Stream 7 Windows 8 Tablet. The HP Stream 7 will be the first Windows 8 Tablet to come with a 7 inch display.  Mobile Geeks released a leaked image of the tablet which can be seen below.

HP Stream 7 inch Windows 8 Tablet price specs release date leaked

HP Stream 7 Specs

HP Stream 7 specs known so far include an Intel Atom Z3735G processor running at 1.33GHz, a 7 inch HD display (1280 x 800), 1GB of memory, 16GB of storage, and a rear facing camera.  A 3G radio may also be optional according to initial reports. We should know the full HP Stream 7 specs this week when HP officially announces the tablet.

Price and Release Date

According to Mobile Geeks, the HP Stream 7 price will be 179 euros.  Its release date is unknown.  I will update US pricing and availability as soon as this information is released.

Initial Thoughts

I’m really curious to see who would buy a 7 inch Windows Tablet. Perhaps if the device comes with Office and an HDMI port, the HP Stream 7 can be used as a cheap computer for a kid.  If this tablet is cheap enough, perhaps it can serve as a companion device for users of Windows 8 Desktops (I still use Windows 7).  I still can’t help but think that an iPad mini or Android tablet would be a better selection for a device this small.

The included 1GB of ram and 16GB of storage make for an interesting set of specs.  This RAM amount may slow things down once you start opening up a bunch of apps.  I suspect the 16GB of storage will be mostly taken up by the operating system.

I’m a bit skeptical about whether the HP Stream 7 will be a compelling device.  Perhaps its price and full slate of specs will change my mind.  I’ll update my initial impression as soon as more information about the tablet is available.

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  1. Price quite unreasonable for the specs. Yeah, probably suitable for kids or students.

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