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HP Announces Spectre 13 x2 Hybrid Ultrabook – Windows 8 Ultrabooks

HP Spectre X2 Hybrid Ultrabook - Windows 8 Ultrabooks 2

HP isn’t giving up on Windows 8 just yet. Despite less than stellar sales numbers and customer satisfaction ratings across the board, the hardware giant isn’t wavering in its dedication to the OS as a platform for families and the business-set alike. With the new line of Spectre 13 x2 ultrabooks hitting store shelves soon, it’s clear they are on the warpath to suck up as many ultrabook-savvy customers as they can before the 8 train finally runs out of steam.

The Spectre13 X2 will come in two forms, tablet-detachable, and regular old ultrabook. HP was able to fit everything into a fanless chassis,  which means they’ll likely come equipped with the Core i3-4020Y (6W 1.5GHz), or a Core i5-4210Y (6W 1.5-1.9GHz). Prices on the Spectre 13 x2 start at $1099, and should come with at least a 128GB SSD and 4GB RAM when it’s on shelves this October.

Personally I think the screen is a little over-sized to still be called a tablet- more like a slab if I ever saw one. The novelty factor of having a tablet that large could wear off pretty quickly with mobility-concerned consumers. However, if you’re looking for touch-ready ultrabook convertible, HP Spectre 13 X2 Hybrid Ultrabook seems to provide a compelling option.


Chris Stobing contributed to this story.

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