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FAQ: Microsoft Surface Price, Shipping, and Availability


FAQ: Microsoft Surface Price, Shipping, and Availability

How much will Microsoft Surface Cost?

As of this writing, no official pricing information for the Microsoft Surface has been released.  Microsoft has said that the cost of the Microsoft Surface RT and the Microsoft Surface Pro will cost about the same as existing ARM based tablets and Windows Ultrabooks. We estimate that Microsoft Surface Pro will cost about $800-$1,000, based on the cost of new Ultrabooks.  We suspect that the Surface RT will cost about $600, close to the cost of a new iPad.  Hopefully the Surface price will be even lower!

What is the Microsoft Surface Release Date?

The ARM-based, Microsoft Surface RT will begin shipping on 10/26/2012. This is the same day that Microsoft Windows 8 begins shipping.  The Microsoft Surface Pro will begin shipping 90 days later.

Where to buy Microsoft Surface?

Initially, Surface tablets will only be sold by Microsoft.  They will be sold in Microsoft Store locations in the United States and Canada.  Surface tablets will also be sold online at the Microsoft Store.

Can I buy Microsoft Surface in Canada?


In what other countries will the Microsoft Surface be available?

As of this writing, the only known countries you can purchase a Surface tablet is in the United States and Canada.

Where can I find a Microsoft Store? Is a Microsoft Store opening near me?

You can find a currently list of existing and planned Microsoft Stores here.

Is there an educational discount?  Is there a government or military discount?

At the time of this writing, there’s no official word on the availability of Microsoft Surface discounts, including corporate discounts, educational discounts, government discounts, or military discounts.

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