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How to enable Microsoft Surface Flash Support for all Web Sites


Adobe Flash is now enabled on Microsoft Surface by Default!

When the Microsoft Surface RT was first release, while it was compatible with Adobe Flash, Flash was only enabled for a few “trusted” web sites.  Enabling Flash support for all web sites required a workaround.  Then in March of 2013, Microsoft released an update that enable Adobe Flash support in the Internet Explorer 10 by default.  You no longer have to hack your Microsoft Surface RT to enable Flash!

I repeat, all Windows 8 Tablets and Windows RT Tablets now support Flash.

There are a few exceptions.  Microsoft Surface RT still blocks a small list of  Flash sites that have been shown to be still incompatible, or that require other plugins in order to work.  If one of your favorite sites are still being blocked, or if you are just interesting in seeing how to enable blocked sites, see the original article below.

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Microsoft Surface Flash Support

Does the Microsoft Surface support flash?  Yes it does! No jail breaking is required.  You don’t have to download a flash plugin or special flash player.  There is one caveat, however.  By default, you can not access flash content on all websites.  Microsoft implemented a whitelist of sites for which you are allowed to access flash content.  If the site you want to visit isn’t on the list, no flash content for you.  Well, unless you implement the hack below that will enable Microsoft Surface flash support for all sites.  One of the great minds at xda-developers.com figured out how to edit the white list stored on the Microsoft Surface. You can find the instructions here:

[HACK] Flash on Any Website in IE10 Metro Browser [WIN 8 & WIN RT]

Be advised that attempting to hack your Surface tablet can cause unforeseen problems. Follow those steps at your own risk!

Why did Microsoft not enable Microsoft Surface flash support for all sites by default?  I believe the reason is related to known issues that can be caused by flash applications.  This includes stability issues, excessive battery drain, and possible malware and security issues.  These are some of the same “official” reasons why the Apple iPad doesn’t support flash.  Microsoft was able to one up the iPad by implementing flash support in a way that minimizes the possibility of the issues mentioned above.  The ability to run Adobe Flash applications, display flash video, etc. is one of the big advantages the Microsoft Surface RT and other Windows RT tablets have over the iPad. Maybe Apple will follow suit and offer flash compatibility for a list of approved sites. For me, the lack of flash compatibility is one of the reasons I use my Microsoft Surface RT over the iPad for web surfing.

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