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Windows 10 Cortana Commands List – Windows 10 Voice Commands

Windows 10 Cortana Commands List - Voice Commands

Microsoft Windows 10 is scheduled to be released soon and looks like it will be a hit.  One of the most anticipated features of the operation system is the introduction of the Cortana personal assistant app to desktops and tablets.

The Cortana app is the Windows 10 version of the Apple’s Siri app and Android’s Google Now app.  It allows you to give verbal commands to your Windows 10 desktop, tablet, or phone using spoken natural language.  Cortana commands allow you to conduct internet searches, make phone calls, send text messages, create reminders, set alarms, make changes to your calendar, play music, launch apps, and more.

You can try out the Cortana app today using a Windows 8.1 phone, or you can try it out via the Windows 10 Technical Preview.  To learn how to use Cortana, check out the Windows 10 Cortana Commands page.

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    Quentin do you think this will catch on? Or will it just be labelled as a Siri wannabe? I always feel quite sceptical about these things particularly considering that it is far form innovative

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