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CES 2014: Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014 edition

Samsung usually makes its presence felt at any major tech expo, and CES 2014 is no different. Samsung has shown off plenty of TV’s, tablets, and laptops this year and the Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014 edition has quickly become one of our favorite Windows 8 laptops being shown off.

The 15.6-inch laptop rocks a FHD display with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution which is 20 percent brighter than last years model . The keyboard also gets a bit on an upgrade as Sammy gave the keyboard a bit of a curve this year compared to the flat ones in previous years. The ATIV Book 9 2014 is sleek and thin at 0.63 inches thick, and it’s also light weighing only 3.92 pounds. There are plenty of lightweight HD laptops out there, and what’s under the hood is the thing that helps separate the Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014 edition from the competition.
samsung ativ book 9 2014 edition
The Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014 edition gives users the option of going with an Intel Core i5 or i7, and the same goes for the storage space as you can go from a 128GB SSD up to 1TB of combined storage. Like taking selfies or chatting on Skype? They’ve covered that as well with a 720p HD Cam. Audiophiles will want to take note of Samsung’s new audio setup on the ATIV Book 9 as they’ve included lossless audio this time around for top-notch audio playback.

ativ book 9 2014 edition

Samsung seems to have found a nice balance between performance and reliability with the Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014 edition. Samsung claims the ATIV Book 9 2014 edition’s battery will go for around 14 hours, and it’s fast enough to handle almost anything you’d want aside from high end games. You can thank the measly Intel HD 4000 graphics card for that. We haven’t heard anything on pricing or a release day yet, but you can expect the Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014 edition to arrive later this year.

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  1. I wish they would announce when they intend to release this.

  2. Samsung is definitely stepping up their game. This looks like a solid laptop

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