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BlackBerry Z10 Pros and Cons Review

BlackBerry Z10

BlackBerry has had a rough few years, with the lackluster mobile and tablet line and major delays to their new operating system, they have had to laid off thousands of workers and stock price has fallen from a respectable $65 to less than $25. Blackberry is now pinning its hopes on its newest hardware, the BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry Z10.  Will these devices save the platform?  Is it already to late?  Let’s examine the BlackBerry Z10 pros and cons to see if these devices will indeed save BlackBerry.


With BlackBerry 10 and the BlackBerry Z10, the company will start a new chapter. They have renamed the company BlackBerry, destroying the questionable Research In Motion. The company seem to be following the pack now, while adding their own software, we check to see if it and their flagship device is any good.

BlackBerry Z10 Pros

BlackBerry Z10 advantages include:

  • The BlackBerry Z10 has a gorgeous 4.2-inch 355ppi display and it is one of the best screens we have ever seen. The size seems perfect and the phone is not “too big” for some people that hate the new “phablet” experience. Text reproduction and color is amazing on the BlackBerry Z10 and even though it is not full HD, it looks just as great.
  • Back onto the screen, the on-screen keyboard works incredibly well and BlackBerry has actually added a heat sensor on their Z10 device, so it begins to notice where you tap unwanted keys and becomes more adaptive to your movements. It definitely shows BlackBerry is still on top when it comes to messaging and email.
  • BlackBerry 10 brings a completely new gesture based operating system to the table and it has some cool moves. There is no home button and the whole design takes a week to get used to, but once you understand where everything is, it works beautifully.
  • With the BlackBerry Z10 you get an ample amount of battery life, normally hitting on a full day unless you really use it a lot. The phone is not as power hungry as some of the Android variants you see out there and BlackBerry has made some modifications to keep battery life in check.

BlackBerry Z10 Cons

BlackBerry Z10 disadvantages include:

  • There is a learning curve for those coming from iOS or Windows. Android is complex and open but all users should take a few hours to get used to the gesture based interface. There is no back or home button, everything moves with the screen.
  • The BlackBerry Z10 design does not seem to break any barriers and the company played it very safe. This is not terrible and for some users it may look nice, but for us the Z10 has little beauty value and doesn’t rival the HTC One, Xperia Z, Lumia 920 or iPhone 5, which all have the unique, sleek and playful design aspects.
  • The camera on the BlackBerry Z10 is adequate but doesn’t come close to some of the best cameras out right now, including the Xperia Z, Lumia 920 and iPhone 5.
  • If you are looking for a strongly customizable phone, stick with android.
  • App selection is sure to be limited for a while.  Thus you may have to live without some popular apps and niche apps you already use.

Should you buy the BlackBerry Z10?

If you are a long time BlackBerry user and you don’t want to switch to iOS or Android, the BlackBerry Z10 will provide you the modern OS experience you have been waiting for.  If you require the corporate security features only offered by BlackBerry devices, then these devices are for you.  For most of use, there isn’t a compelling reason (yet) to switch from iOS or Android.  Why choose something new that’s not necessarily better, is less mature, and doesn’t have a comparable echo system when compared to the alternatives.  Exactly.

Do you plan to get the BlackBerry Z10?  Do you think it will be a winner?  Chat about it in the comments section below.

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  1. i am intrested in buying this phone but many people give me a negative reply.is the phone good?can we manage it or not?
    pls give me a rply as i m going to buy this

    • Basically, on what’s with the iPhone 5, z10 has too. Both device has a good performance in with their batteries, everything almost is the same. The only difference of the two is that the BB z10 can not link to the PC or Mac because is BB is focus only in Blackberry devices. Also, jpg is not much supported in blackberry, but I don’t know today if they already update on it. But all, both are really high-end good performance. So it’s up to you now on which do you hook up. But if you are a IT-computer developer etc. BB is not good for you cause there some consequence that you need to hook up you phone to your PC or Mac. I’m not sure BB can support on it.

  2. I would like to know? Can I download bbm on the Z10 …

  3. I’m confused whether to buy z10 instead of iPhone. I’ve been do a lot of research about z10, some say that z10 is lack of apps, this is the major cons. I’ve been use bb and now I’m an android user.

    • You should get the z10. I’ve had android and hated the laggyness of the os. When it comes to the apps I found it to be lacking but you can side load android apps and that’s what I plan on doing. Plus there’s a small learning curve but you can get used to it. I swear my HTC one buddies are surprised of how smooth this phone is that they bow their heads in shame

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