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Best iPhone 5 Accessories (Video) – iPhone Accessories

Makers of iPhone accessories and enhancements in particular love the “s” (and now “c”) iterations of new iPhones, in that if there is a letter after the number, that means minimal to no external hardware changes were made, keep most of their accessories relevant for at least another six months. There are noticeable differences between the iPhone 5, iPhone 5c (which has more rounded, softened plastic edges), and iPhone 5s (which has a dual LED flash and added fingerprint scanner). This is good news for the average consumer, because as new iPhone accessories are made to cater specifically to the newer models, the now “old” iPhone 5’s accessory market will still be as relevant as ever.

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Best iPhone Accessories for the iPhone 5, 5s, 5c

Mophie JuicePack Helium Spectrum Collection – $79.95

Best iPhone 5 Accessories 1

This extremely durable Mophie JuicePack case doubles as an on-the-go power source, and the newest models come in a variety of bright colors, ready to back the new iPhone 5c.  This is one of my favorite iPhone accessories.

Tiltpod Keychain Tripod – $14.99

Best iPhone 5 Accessories 3b

The Tiltpod Tripod is a great solution for iPhotographers of all skill levels, featuring a grip which allows for easy placement on both rough and smooth surfaces. Lightweight and attachable by keychain, the Tiltpod Tripod is always with you to help you set up that next perfect shot.

Kii – $19.99 for 30-pin, $39.99 for Lightning Connector

Best iPhone 5 Accessories 4

Another keychain iPhone accessory which serves a different function is Kii, a key sized USB-to-30-pin/Lightning Connector allowing for the user to always be able to charge their phone (assuming they have a USB compatible power source and their keys on-hand).

HiRise – $34.99

Best iPhone 5 Accessories 5

The HiRise is for those who enjoy a clean, sleek, and functional workspace. This dock serves as a great way to have your iPhone 5 charge while serving a purpose amongst your other devices at the same time.

OlloClip – $69.99 – $99.99

Best iPhone 5 Accessories 6

OlloClip is an extremely friendly companion that enhances any picture instantly. A simple lens mechanism that snaps over the existing iPhone camera, allowing for Widescreen, Fish-Eye, Macro, and Telephoto style shots.

These are just the top of many, many great iPhone 5s/5c ready enhancements and inventions available on the market today. Regardless of your passion, there is most undoubtedly an accessory out there that will help turn your iPhone into a much more useful tool than you ever thought possible.

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