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About Tech Blog TV

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Welcome to Tech Blog TV!

TechBlog.TV is a technology blog site dedicated to tech geeks. Use our site to discover and share reviews, tips, and experiences with tech gadgets, software, and services.

We want Tech Blog TV to be your source for tech reviews, gadget reviews, tech tips, and video tutorials.  OK, you may have many sources for this information already but our goal is to provide something a little different.  We will combine technical expertise with our keen insight and sarcastic senses of humor.  We will deliver unique, informative, and entertaining content to our site visitors and fellow tech lovers.

Our Staff:

Here is a list of the people that help develop and maintain the site:

  • Quincy Moore, Senior Editor
  • Noel Assegid, Senior Editor
  • Darnell Booker, Senior Editor
  • Tai Booker, Developer


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